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Thread: Welcome to the Neptune Systems User Community

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    Cool Welcome to the Neptune Systems User Community

    One of the things I have believed for a long time, especially in technology, is that a key way to help decide on a product purchase is to go out and see what kind of a community exists around that product. The reason for this is that a community is important for you to get the most out of your purchase. It's there to help you out in a bind, give you tips and tricks, or let you reach out and have the satisfaction of mentoring a new user after you yourself become the expert.

    Neptune Systems has always had a great community. It has lived both online at various forums as well within aquarium clubs across the country. Our customers are engaged and they are the best!

    So, given our growth as a company, we felt that we should ring in the new year with an Official Neptune Systems Community!

    Of course it won't be filled with all sorts of goodness from the start (thats your job), and I am sure we will have growing pains, but I am very excited to see this come to reality for us, and more importantly for you, our customers.

    In the past, we have refrained from providing any company-driven support on third party web sites. We had our reasons. But now, in our own community, you can expect to get help and advice from your fellow controller owners as well as hear great news announcements from yours truly. This will be your one stop Neptune Systems hangout!

    Now I would like to introduce and recognize a couple of individuals who you have most likely seen around other forums helping people, day in and day out. These guys do not work for Neptune Systems. In the spirit of community they simply have, for free, given their time over the years to help all of you out. Now they will continue helping us all as they will be the first two moderators of this forum.

    Russ Michel (RussM)
    Alan Jones (aquamanic)

    Thank you guys for helping make this happen!

    Now go enjoy the Forums!
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