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Thread: [video] Apex Systems for 2016

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    [video] Apex Systems for 2016

    Terence Fugazzi :: VP Sales and Marketing :: Neptune Systems

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    Very nice. The new system looks great. This was a much needed upgrade. Neptune is the only kid on the block that has this type of platform. Other companies are starting to come out with similar products, but Apex is a mature platform with the type of options available to suit just about anyone's requirements at different price points. I'll eventually upgrade to the new apex recouping some of the cost though the sale of my classic set and some of the modules that would be redundant. Nothing is set up yet as I'm still buying equipment for my 100.

    I haven't really lost anything. It's still a great platform. Actually I will loose something. Power bricks. I hate power bricks. In corporating the 1links into the eb832 is a great feature.

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    I wonder if anyone noticed that Terrence announced 2 more new products in this video

    - Multipurpose Utility Pump (7:17 in the video )
    - Solenoid valve ( 7:31 in the video )

    Now when they'll actually launch is anyone's guess but interesting nonetheless. Plus more Fusion upgrades like reminders & hearbeat that I have been waiting for. They did an IOS app but did not do an Android version... ( that sux )



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