grimreaper, I will reiterate what you have already been made aware of: the EB832 is for use only with 120VAC AND 60Hz input power. This is clearly stated in the EB832 User Guide.

For the benefit on all readers, this is the content of a post made on R2R by Terence Fugazzi, a VP at Neptune Systems, in response to posts made there by grimreaper. Take his words as that of an expert on the matter - he is in a position to KNOW.
Just because something appears to work does not mean that it is safe. This is not only not recommended, but Neptune Systems absolutely warns customers NOT to do this. There are plenty of reasons, that we are not going to enumerated here, why this is not safe. If you do this you will not only be voiding your warranty, but more importantly you will be putting yourself, and those around you, in harms way.

grimreaper, your continued posting about something you have already been advised against using the EB832 in a manner which is not only unsupported , but is *unsafe* is not acceptable here. This thread is closed.