Apex Classic Firmware version 4.51 is now available as a full public release. This firmware is for use with Apex Classic/Gold, Apex Lite, and Apex Jr. This is not for use with the Apex 2016 model.

As is always a good practice, be sure to utilize the Load/Save feature in the Classic Dashboard to make a backup of your Apex configuration before installing any new firmware. And, do not attempt to update firmware over Wi-Fi.

In this release, the major fixes and enhancements are:

  • Fluid Monitoring Module (FMM) support
  • EcoTech Radion Generation 4 Pro LED fixture support (See this sticky for more info: https://forum.neptunesystems.com/sho...hannel-support )
  • Adds user-defined Fallback support for ACC/DC24 outputs in 1LINK modules (1LINK module firmware update is needed after installing the new Apex system firmware)
  • Resolves issues with the Classic Dashboard and newer versions of the Apple Safari web browser on Macs and iOS mobile devices
  • Fixes an issue with selecting a Master Pump in a Vortech profile only when using the Classic Dashboard
  • A new keyword has been added for use in "If" statements: "If Output". The Outlet programming keyword (as in If Outlet] ReturnPump = OFF Then OFF) is being deprecated. Instead of Outlet, use Output, as in If Output ReturnPump = OFF Then OFF. You may continue to use If Outlet…., but try to get in the habit of using the If Output syntax.

If you enter this programming:


It will be automatically converted to:


This release has many other changes which will not be readily apparent to you as end users. Mostly, such changes are code optimizations and fixes for less-common bugs. However, there is one important caveat: v4.5x firmware does not support the PX1000 module, which is an old pre-Apex module that has not been sold for many years. Other legacy/pre-Apex modules such as DC8, DC4, DC4HD, & LunarSim continue to be supported in v4.5x.

The firmware updater for Windows and Mac may be downloaded from firmware download web page. Be sure to follow the instructions on that page after downloading the firmware updater. When updating the Apex, click Update Firmware FIRST; after the firmware has been transferred to the Apex, wait 45-60 seconds for the Apex to reboot, plus an additional minute, then lastly, click Update Web Pages.

Mac users: The Apex app included in the firmware package for Mac is compatible with OS X 10.10 though 10.12 (Yosemite, El Capitan, and Sierra). To ensure that you use the new Apex app in this package, please choose the Replace option if prompted (as seen in the image below) while installing the new Apex app. Also, if you still have an old version of the firmware updater app named "ApexFlash" installed, you should delete it.