A major update was just made to APEX Fusion. A few highlights:

  • This update adds full support for the Automatic Top-Off Kit (ATK)
  • This update gives the Apex List View a significant new look and provides greater functionality on the Apex List View for those who own and/or manage multiple Apexes
  • This update adds a major new feature called Tasks. Tasks are guided, step-by-step wizards which help you do certain Apex configuration activities quickly and easily without doing any programming.

A few examples of the available new Tasks are:

  • Configuring an ATK for basic operation
  • Configuring an ATK with an optional leak detector sensor or optional ATO reservoir low-level sensor
  • Configuring heater operation
  • Configuring a skimmer to operate in conjunction with a return pump, so when the return pump is OFF, so is the skimmer

Please review the updated APEX Fusion Release Notes for more information. The Release Notes may be found by signing into APEX Fusion, clicking on your username in the upper right corner, then choosing Release Notes from the drop-down menu.

If you do not see the Releases Notes dated May 15 2017, clear your browser cache and try again.

Some of the new APEX Fusion features & enhancements are in support of the forthcoming Apex Automatic Top-off Kit (ATK) and provide enhanced support for the Apex Fluid Monitoring Kit (FMK). In order to use these new features & enhancements, your Apex must have Apex (2016) AOS version 5.02_5A17 or Apex Classic firmware version 4.52_5A17 installed. Announcements of these firmware versions may be found here on the Neptune Systems Community Forum. To read the applicable announcement, click the link for your Apex model below:

Updating your Apex AOS/firmware to the latest version is highly recommended for everyone, even if you do not have an FMK or do not plan to purchase an ATK when it becomes available.