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Thread: i have a apex classic energy bar 8 and pmup

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    i have a apex classic energy bar 8 and pmup

    hi i got the pmup for my apex classic with energy bar 8 no additional modules and i was wondering what module i need to buy to run 3 pmup pumps. can my apex do it by it self ?

    thank you

    i also like to know what module to use to control my reef octopus regal 200 int. with my apex

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    You have a few options or could use a combination

    1. Connect the PMUP to a 24V power supply and plug that into an energy bar outlet.
    2. Purchase a EB832 that will give you (2) 24V ports
    3. Purchase a 1 link module that will give you (2) 24V ports
    4. Purchase a FMM that will give you (1) 24V port.

    To control the skimmer you just need a Y cable and an open VDM port. The first listing I found was out of stock, but this is what you need.

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