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Thread: Need Some Type Of Control - In Trouble with Wife

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    Need Some Type Of Control - In Trouble with Wife

    Help - On Verge Of Divorce

    I have had 2 floods and a heater that went wild.
    This past week I have had a major flood in my living room that went down to my basement.
    I have had a fish that jumped into the overflow box and got caught in the return pipe. Next morning awoke
    to a flood.

    I am limited on funds and I saw the apex Jr.
    I am looking for some kind of sensor within the tank, sump and flooring that will
    catch any kind of leak and shut the pump off.

    Looking to measure the temperature to a certain degree and shut the heater off and turn on a fan.

    What equipment would I need?
    My funds are limited!

    Thank You

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    Jr would work. You can get the new fmm module and add a flow sensor to your drain and have it shut your return off if no flow. You can add a leak detection sensor also.

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    I would recommend saving up a bit more and getting an apex classic or apex 2016. In order to do what you want with a Jr, You would need a PM1 or PM2 module to get the switch ports you will need and at that point, it's not much more to get an apex classic with 4 extra outlets, variable speed ports, and pH probe.

    If you want to do leak detection you will need an ALD and as many probes as you want (slim ones are for under carpet, thick ones for everywhere else).

    If you want to protect the overflow against spilling, You will need a float switch wired into a breakout box and your return pump hooked up to the energy bar. You can program it so that when the water level gets high, The return pump will shut off and stop the problem before it has a chance to leak. It wouldn't hurt to get a few extra floats so your apex can be your ATO as well.

    Below is the list of items I would suggest and should have you covered for your entire tanks control (you can throw away your power strips and timers and do everything in the apex) and give you ample processing power for expansion when you get addicted to the extra control.

    (1) APEX Classic - includes base unit, EB8, temp probe, and pH probe

    (1) ALD

    (2) leak detection sensors

    (1) break out box

    (3+) float switches and mounting hardware.

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    You can program your Apex to send text (SMS) messages and emails to your and your wife's phones when something goes wrong so you can react immediately.

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    Oh Brothet Pasreball ..I feel your pain !!

    My wife is the same and went on the warpath with me yrs ago when we had an Air Line come loose and Syphon 400 galons of water out onto the carpet in living room.
    To this day all my tanks are outside ....

    Had I had an Apex with leak detector probe would have made a big difference..
    Also had i installed a check valve that would have prvented it.
    I am new to A
    Apex .. but agree..go with the new 2016 + leak detector ...and dont forget the Check valves !! ;-)

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    Pasreball ..sorry typo

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