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Thread: Heater Program

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    Hi all, I am extremely new to a controller and was looking if someone would help in my thought process. I have my heater connected and I am trying to control my tank temp with the heater and using the controller for fail over protection only. Currently the heater has the tank temp in the range of 81.1 to 81.9 with the average of 81.5. What i would like to do is have the Apex stay on unless the temp goes over 82.3 should it fail in the on position and when it drops back below 81.5 it turns back on. So this is what my programming looks like. Thanks in advance

    Fallback OFF
    If Tmp < 81.7 Then ON
    If Tmp > 82.3 Then Off

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    I would use fallback ON If you're gonna use the heaters thermostat for primary control.

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