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Thread: ATK and FMK UK release?

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    ATK and FMK UK release?

    Is there any info or news when the ATK and FMK will be released in the UK? Or does anyone know any sites that will ship to the uk? Has anyone done this and had any issues? I'm desperate to get the ATK as I need a new one but getting sick of waiting.

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    I've shipped an ATK and FMK module from the states to AUS and have not run into any issues thus far. You will need a power converter - as the transformer is 100-240V - so given it range you should be fine. Try ebay buy and ship- but it will cost you an arm and a leg. For me it was worth it - as my ATO storage is in the garage and the reef tank is 22 meters away - no current ATO pump except the PMUP will run long runs and it works brilliantly and it save me heaps of time over the weekend having to fill a small 9 litre storage container under the stand that only last 3 days.

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    All of the US authorized dealers are barred from doing so at this moment (because of support chains). Your only options are to wait or give eBay a shot (which means you aren't covered under warranty)

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