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Thread: Trident FAQ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debacle View Post
    Well said. And quite a bit more nice than I would have put it.

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    We'll put.
    We survived in this hobby for a long time without any Apex and I'm sure we would continue to do so if needed be. Technology got us comfortable but it is nice to have.
    I got the new Apex before Trident was announced and it has so many other cool features that the old one did not. So those who got the new Apex just to have a Trident that was very foolish and most of those people will not be in this hobby on a long haul.
    Take your time Neptune and give us a product that is robust. I wouldn't wanna be the guy complaining that it broke took wrong measurements and crashed my tank and be told well you shouldn't just always rely on technology. You always need a back up in this hobby.
    Until than I'm happy to use my old school testers.

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    Well that spun a bit out of control, not that I have to defend myself because I DONT, but I am a huge fan of Neptune and the apex and I run just about all of their gear on my 300 and the post was simply to throw out what I heard and see if anyone knew anything, this was not a post to attack any of you that are tender and never brought Neptune , apex or @terrance’s reputation or ethics into question, merely saying some updates good bad or indifferent would have most likely worded off me getting and sharing a rumor! And I liked that video and if more of us including myself knew about that it would have been nice(might be my bad on that as I use this forum as my only frame of reference)



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