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Thread: Multiple Volt Question

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    Multiple Volt Question

    Hi i have just puchased a used US version of apexclassic at 110v. I currently live in Australia and the price of nepotune is super high, the basic neptune class cost over $1300.

    Im going to use a good quality step down transformer initially as most of my equipment comes in switchable voltage 110-240 (except skimmer and t5 lighting)

    For that i was thinking of buying an additional power bar, the eb6, my question is can i use both types of power bar together, one that is feed from 240v and the other that feeds from 110v, both linked to the same brain/head unit?

    thanks for any advise i cant find this mentioned anywhere

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    The only drawback I can see there is that the EB8 is designed for 60Hz instead of 50Hz, which could (though likely wouldn't) allow too much ripple voltage on the 12V from the EB8 but not so from the EB6. This could potentially cause aquabus problems if the power supply isn't overdesigned (which it probably is). If you want to play it safe, then use only EB6 and if you're willing to take a small risk, you could probably get away with both.

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