Why do we Do this ..

An idea

Morning has Broken .
" The Tank " faces a new day!!!

New Residents arrive today..Exoctic Dancers from Far Away .
Strangers ..at first ..witb Different ways ...
Will they blend and become a part of the comunity ?

Not only new Residence..but new " Renovations " and Design Upgraded "( Coral, New Pumps , Filter Inhancements )

Me? ..I am Only the Mantainance Man.
I keep ,or Try, the place Clean and functioning ..
Trying to make the "Residents" life as Seamless as possible . Trying to see that they Eat well..
Are Not in Fear or Stressed . And Basicly have a good life !!

Why ? you may ask , do I take on this burden ? ..The Pay ..haha is not incomming ..its All out going !
So, Why?..
Well Look at it .!!
Again ..

Morning Has Broken

Add 1

But the Enjoyment factor ...Amazing !!
I have Already done My Part..Contributed to the Good of Mankind, followed the Will , (of God) and I am Worn out !!
Not Years ..Miles !!

Now ..One thing that brings me personal pleasure, keeps me Mentaly active ..Chalanges Me..In an area i Can compete Fairly !
Reef Keeping !

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