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Thread: Radion XR15 Pro Lighting Profile and Code Suggestions

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    Radion XR15 Pro Lighting Profile and Code Suggestions

    Newbie here. Just replaced old lighting radion g4 xr 150 pros. Have gone through the updates to firmware and all seems to be good on that end. Now feeling overwhelmed with the profile set up. Tank is a Reefer 350 with some soft corals (shrooms, acans, leather, cloves) and a few fish and just looking for something simple to kind of start of using the radions. I love the bluer look but cant seem to replicate. Help, suggestions, directions to a good thread are greatly appreciated.

    Much thanks

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    Coral Lab AB+ gives off a fair amount of blue.
    Set blues, violet, UV at 100%, Red, Green and Cool White to 24%. Then up to you if you choose to use the new whites on the gen 4s. I don’t personally. What lights did you have before?

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