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Thread: Looking for 24v pump for 20ft head ATO

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    Looking for 24v pump for 20ft head ATO

    I would love to be able to use one of my 24v ports on either my 832 or FMM module to power a pump located 2 stories down from where the display tank will be. Everything that I have found so far appears to have too high current draw or is just not the right fit. Anyone seeing this have any ideas to share? I have about 20ft and will run 1/4" ro tubing or similar through the walls to the second story.

    These are some that I can find that may work but just dont seem to be the best fit.

    A peristaltic pump, needs 2 ams max, to much wear on the tubing maybe.

    a 12volt basic spectrapure liter meter, 12v, would need to step the 24v to 12v.

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    A peristilic is probably your best bet. Most people use the BRS 50ml/min but that is 120 VAC.

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