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Thread: DDR and RedSea Reef Care Recipes A,B,C

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    DDR and RedSea Reef Care Recipes A,B,C

    So I know NoPOX and DDR is a no-no.

    Is anyone using the DDR for storing/dosing RedSea Foundation elements (A, B, C). I read somewhere that you have to dilute the RedSea premixed bottles to avoid clogging in the hose and sediments from building on the bottom of the DDR. If true is that for Calcium or Alkalinity? or with all of them (Ca, Mg, ALK)?

    I am currently planning on having 3 DDR's, one for each element connected to the DOS. Trying to determine the best way to automate the dosing of these elements (while looking nice) and avoid pitfalls.


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    I haven't heard about the clogging issue with those, so I would try it for a refill or two first at full strength and see if it really does. If so, dilute 50/50 with RO.

    Just use the wizard over 24 hours for each. It's the most consistent and easiest. The doses are so tiny precipitation isn't a problem even if they happen to let a dose out at exactly the same time.

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