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Thread: Is the AFS Feeder Water proof?!?! The results are in!

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    Is the AFS Feeder Water proof?!?! The results are in!

    Well... After 'careful' testing... the results are in... as I am sure many will be shocked to learn, that in fact, the Neptune auto feeder is NOT waterproof.

    So yeah, on my planted tank, while doing some maintenance on my light fixture, I knocked the AFS loose and told myself "I'll fix it later". Well, I forgot.... and at some point the AFS took the plunge into the tank and set in the tank covered in water overnight. In addition to seeping all of the food out, fried the electrical components.

    But there is good news!

    1. All of the tank inhabitants survived.

    2. Only the feeder itself was fried! The Apex Jr and other modules were unaffected.

    3. I now have a spare feeding Drum!

    Just had to vent. Anyone else conducted 'tests' like this?

    I am in no way bashing Neptune, this was 100% my own fault.

    On a positive note though, I bought the feeder with my AMEX card, so it's covered under their accident insurance!

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    My testing wasn't a through as yours as I only tested the feeder drum. I had just filled it up and left it on the shelf above the tank. Somehow it ended up in the tank and my only guess is that my fish used the Force to knock it into the tank. The drum survived the test and I now have a bunch of well fed fish....

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    Mine has had a dip in saltwater... But as attached to the cable, I think the critical bits avoided the drink. I disconnected, drained, rinsed in RO and dried.

    Good as new lol



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