A significant update has just been made to APEX Fusion. In addition to full support for the new ApexEL controller, this update includes:


On Apex 2016 systems, support for IOTA lights has been added; IOTA-enabled light modules may now be attached in the modules view.
This release supports AquaIllumination™ Prime, Prime HD, Hydra 26HD and Hydra 52HD lights. The lighting configuration wizard has been enhanced to support AI lights with Hyperdrive (HD) features. When using a light with HD support, individual color channels may be driven above 100%, so long as the channel is not yet at maximum brightness and there's still power available to allocate to it. When using an HD light, a meter will display the percentage of total power used by all channels; decreasing power used by a channel will allow it to be allocated to other channels. Note that HD support of AI lights requires the light to be running at least version 2.2 of the AI firmware.

This new feature requires AOS version 5.04_7A18 (or later) to be installed on the Apex 2016. Refer to the IoTa-AI Prime and Hydra User Guide for full details about using the Apex to control compatible AI lights.

At this point in time, this feature is being made available to all as a public preview.

New Tasks

  • An Automatic Feeding System (AFS) task is now available.
  • A Manual Water Change task is now available. This task allows you to easily configure a DŌS for on-demand water change.

DO Calibration

Issues with calibration of Dissolved Oxygen sensors were corrected.

Salifert Alkalinity

Salifert Alkalinity test measurement input has been modified to use values corresponding to the table that ships with current test kits, i.e., 0.3 dKH below that of the older test kits.


The initial dashboard view on a newly-linked Apex will place switches in the unused tiles bin, and will order outputs in a more natural manner.

Summary Views

The Input, Output, Profile and Module summary views will now sort and search in a more natural manner.

Configuration Summary

The Configuration Summary report has been redesigned and enhanced.

Wizard Current Time Marker

In response to numerous requests, the current time of day is now indicated on all scheduler wizards by a vertical line.