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Thread: Which routers DO work with the new AI wireless

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    eero mesh does NOT work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tolbert View Post
    im using google mesh wifi, and the ai hydras do NOT show up.
    Quote Originally Posted by ajg1960 View Post
    I’m having this issue as well with Google mesh Wifi, no IOTA devices. Main router is Google fiber, whatever their standard router is. I gave up trying, the AI interface is ok
    I have Google mesh wifi as well. If I plug the Apex in with ethernet directly to one of the mesh points, IOTA works. Apex connected with wifi does not work. I just moved a mesh point to be over by the Apex so I could use ethernet.

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    Running an asus rt5300 with an asus rpg n12 as a hardwired access point closer to the tank. Apex is hardwired, 2 hydra 26 hd, webcam and tablet for apex on the dedicated tank access point via 2.4 ghz radio.

    Works great.

    Ensure router is set to not isolate the 2.4 ghz segment from the other radios.

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