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Thread: COR-20 as a replacement for a jebao DC-12000?

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    COR-20 as a replacement for a jebao DC-12000?

    I have a 220G tank with about 300G of water in the system. I have been using two jebao DC-12000 pumps as my return. They are each plumbed with a separate run to both the DT and a 20G frag tank. (So each pump is connected to its own manifold that feeds both the DT and the frag tank) This is for fault tolerance. The pumps are connected to the VDC ports on my apex and I run them at 90%

    Unfortunately one of the pumps failed this morning, but luckily because I have two pumps the system can run indefinitely on the remaining pump (albeit at a lower flow rate than I prefer) so Iím not desperately scrambling to get the tank back up and running.

    So now Iím trying to evaluate options to replace the failed pump (or maybe both pumps). The COR pumps didnít exist at the time I installed the DC-12000 pumps nearly 3 years ago, but Iím pretty well entrenched in the apex ecosystem and it would be nice to use the apex return pumps as well.

    However I am a bit concerned about flow rates. Iíve got about 6 feet of head and according to the chart the DC-12000 can move about 1850GPH there. Iím only running them at 90%, so thatís brings it down to around 1665GPH. However, the chart for the COR-20 only puts it at about 1300GPH at 6 feet of head.

    That said, I really donít believe the head pressure charts for the Chinese pumps. From my experience they tend to exaggerate at best or maybe outright lie, so I doubt that Iím really getting 1665GPH from my DC-12000ís.

    Is the chart for COR-20ís reasonably accurate? Has anyone replaced a DC-12000 with a COR-20 and can speak to a flow rate comparison?

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    The flow charts appear to be reasonably accurate if you can get a correct gauge of the minor and friction losses involved in the head loss calculation. Most people underestimate the losses related to fittings and plumbing and wonder why the flow is less than what the chart says.

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