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Thread: Salinity Probe Won't Stay Stable - Please Help

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    Salinity Probe Won't Stay Stable - Please Help

    Hey all

    I've calibrated my probe twice now and yet I'm still getting crazy swings on its measurement in Fusion. Is this a common issue? Any suggestions?

    Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 09.50.01.jpg

    I did bring my salinity down from 40 initially (this is a new, cycling tank), but now it's at a stable 35 and I've had readings of 35, 27, 23, and now 33 in the last 24 hours. Obviously this isn't a long term solution.

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    For how long have you been soaking the probe before calibrating?
    you need to leave it there. in the first couple of weeks it does not make sense to calibrate

    Also is the probe cable isolated? not running along with other cables?

    Do you have strain voltage or micro-bubbles where the probe sits?

    I don't know yet but apparently there is a whole to the side of the probe to release the trapped bubbles and you need to sit the probe at an angle with that whole pointing up!

    All the best,

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    I have two salinity probes, one for the sump and the other for my new replacement salt water reservoir. I have never found either of them to be reliable, with the readings fluctuating for no apparent reason. Given that I have determined them to be useless, I finally removed the tiles from ApexFusion. I have much greater confidence in my refractometer and would never make any decisions based on the salinity probes.



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