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Thread: large awc and other things

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    large awc and other things

    Trying to see if this is possible. my set up is a freshwater 400gal tank under a 260gal tank both are connected with a large 300lb ultima pool filter type in between them to get the water back to the top tank. each has a sump tank above them. bottom tank has a 100gal and top a 50gal each are powered by their own pump.

    what I am wanting to do is automate as much as possible as I travel for work for a couple weeks at a time and would like to monitor tank remotely. I am in need of a parts list and suggestions.

    first off will be auto water changes. water coming in to the tank will be controlled by a solenoid. water leaving the tank needs to be powered by a pump. wanting to do large water changes so should I use 2 pmups on the bottom tank or can I use a different pump? I understand pmups have bad reviews so I am hesitant. I also have read that it would need to be controlled by either floats and or sensors. as far as overflowing the tank I have it drilled with an overflow but would prefer it stop before it happens.

    I would also like to put the flow monitors on the return pump (reeflo hammerhead) and 2 pumps that go to the sumps.

    so would like to hear suggestions on how to do this and also a parts list if anyone could help.

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    An MJ1200 is probably your best bet for a drain pump if you want it to do the change faster. You will need something to break the siphon though if you go the pump route.

    If you're willing to spend a bit more, a diaphragm type pump like the Avast avoids the need for a siphon break on the drain.

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