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Thread: Custom WAV driver profiles

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    Custom WAV driver profiles

    Hi everyone.

    Maybe this needs to go in a different section of the forum but is there anyway we can create our own “Malibu” or “Mavericks” etc?

    I would love to create my own profile and see how it works in the tank as the different settings you can have are great but if we can adjust times and which one we would like throughout the day then why can’t be set our own driver profiles?

    For instance pipeline is great but the constant stopping and starting is annoying and will damage the powerhead over time.

    Anyone got into the software yet?

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    It is not possible to create your own modes.
    I'm not a Neptune support rep. Please do not send me PMs with technical questions or requesting assistance - use the forums for Apex help. PM me ONLY if the matter is of a private or personal nature. Thanks.



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