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Thread: Apex 2016 Coral Acclimation Feature

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    Question Apex 2016 Coral Acclimation Feature

    Hello i have four AI Hydra 26HD lights on my 280 gallon Reef tank, i know that the MY AI cloud service has a coral acclimation feature and would like to know if the new Apex 2016 controller that can control the Hydra HD lights has the same coral acclimation feature.

    I currently have a Apex Classic controller (Currently using the MY AI Cloud service to control the lights) and got a pair of Ecotech Radion G2 lights and WXM module from a friend who no longer has a reef aquarium. I would like to know if i could add these lights and try to match a similar spectrum for supplemental lighting???. My tank got electrocuted a month back and lost most of the SPS that i had (so i am starting over and will be adding new SPS as i go along).
    I am contemplating upgrading to the Apex 2016 controller and figure this will also solve my Time issues for both the radions and Hydra HD lights as its the same controller (instead of the Apex fusion and the MY AI cloud service).



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    The apex doesn't have an acclimation feature.

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