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Thread: Classic - Repair Options

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    Classic - Repair Options

    I had been running a Classic for approximately 8 years and over the past 2 years I've noted an increase in random reboots and random freezing - to the point that I picked up an EL recently expecting to replace it at my leisure over the holiday. As luck would have it, the Classic failed and didn't come back to life the night we got back from a week long vacation after Thanksgiving - so I spent a day this week swapping out one of my EB8's for the EB832 and starting over with the EL.

    Doing so, I discovered that my Classic had been out of wack for a while (as code that worked on my Classic didn't work on the EL and shouldn't have worked on my Classic (switches).

    So, now that the Classic is not in use, what options are there for repair?

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    I'm not a Neptune support rep. Please do not send me PMs with technical questions or requesting assistance - use the forums for Apex help. PM me ONLY if the matter is of a private or personal nature. Thanks.



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